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    Ragpicker Girls Documentary

  • Why We Love War

    Pankaja Brooke at the Fusion West Europe International Film Festival

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    A day in the GulunChanWu Academy

  • Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

    Zen Archery teacher, 86 year old Bodhi Hanna

  • Children of Ramana’s Garden

    Watch the film 'Children of Ramana’s Garden'

  • Kidnap

    Watch 'Kidnap' - the story of Lalita.

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    More info on the film 'Master Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain'

  • M. Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain (Photos)

    Watch the slideshow of photos taken during the shooting of 'Master Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain'

Tree Planting in Tamil Nadu

2020, 05.13

Mahatma Gandhi said that if the vision is for one year, cultivate flowers; if the vision is for ten years, cultivate trees; if the vision is for eternity – cultivate people. Ramesh Muthunayagi, a young man from a poor family in Tamil Nadu, India, definitely has the long vision. This is a short video to show some of what he is doing…
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The Bone Healer of Manipur

2020, 05.13

Ringo is a healer and a martial artist…he looks like Bruce Lee, and helps people to amazing recoveries with methods based on the medicine of Manipur, and the strength and skill he has developed through his exploration of traditional fighting skills..
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Ragpicker Girls

2019, 08.08

These are girls who live in the town rubbish dump – their work, along with their parents, is sorting rubbish – including hospital waste – into bags, and selling it for 10 rupees a kg….The young girls themselves are sometimes sold also..
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Why We Love War

2019, 08.08

Why We Love War was shown at the following festivals:
Film Festival International Madrid August 10 – 17 2019
Nominated for: Scientific and Educational Award, Best Cinematography in a Documentary, Best Feature Documentary

Fusion Film Festival Brussels August 17 – 24 2019
Nominated for: Best Short Documentary, Best Story
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Growing up in Ramana’s Garden

2017, 19.59

This video tells the stories of some of the kids who have grown up in this beautiful home for destitute children in Rishikesh, North India. Often coming from backgrounds of horrific abuse, many of the older ones are now at university – showing how love can overcome everything.

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Once I was Titania

2016, 13.58

This video is about Madhura. She is an amazing woman, who has lived as many lives as a cat!

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Tai Chi in the City

2016, 3.39

In the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by steel and concrete, the powerful yet gentle and graceful movements of Tai Chi can be a beautiful way to release stress, and come back to ourselves.

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Train Trip to Lhasa

2016, 10.59

The train from Beijing to Lhasa in Tibet takes 40 hours, and passes through some of the most stunning scenery in the world – across the top of the world. I took this amazing trip in November 2015.

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Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

2014, 19.41

Bodhihanna is an 86 year old German woman who is a well known teacher of the Japanese martial art of Zen Archery. Between demonstrations she describes her childhood growing up during World War 2 in Hitler’s Germany.

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Black in Fashion

2014, 12.30

Maureen Vigille, Couture Seamstress/ Designer, speaks about what it’s like to be Black in the fashion industry and in Britain; her inspiration and mentor – her mother. Read More.

Welcome Back!

2014, 45.29

American veterans of the war in Vietnam find resolution and healing by coming back to the place their country devastated, to help heal the legacy of the war.

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Saving the Liben Lark

2013, 19:35

Four years ago I went on a trip to Ethiopia with some bird watcher friends, we had an amazing time, saw some fantastic birds – as well as the endangered Ethiopian wolf and some wild dancers – and had a lovely local guide called Bruktawit. Read More.

Ramesh and the Quality of Life Project

2012, 18:39

Ramesh, a young man from a poor family in southern India, builds eco toilets for the villagers to improve their quality of life. But many Westerners come to this famous temple town to improve the quality of their lives by meditating.

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Master Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain

2012, 19:57

The Master practices some amazing forms perched precariously on a mountain crag, and also does some calligraphy, an art which uses the same skill and presence as Kung Fu itself.

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2012, 23:00

A 15 year old girl is kidnapped and sold to a brothel in Nepal. An American woman who runs the orphanage where she lives manages to rescue her.

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Ramana’s Garden


Ramana’s Garden is a home for destitute children which was started almost by mistake by an energetic and charismatic American woman in Rishikesh, North India. Prabhavati was once an actress in Hollywood who came to India 30 years ago on a spiritual pilgrimage, started feeding and teaching a few local children and now is now running a home for 70 kids. Read More.

Guo’s Childhood

2010, 18:18

Guo Deping and his six siblings grew up in a cave and nearly starved to death during the Cultural Revolution in China.

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