You're the Enemy - Welcome Back!

You’re the Enemy – Welcome Back!

American veterans of the war in Vietnam find resolution and healing by coming back to the place their country devastated, to help heal the legacy of the war.

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Ramana & KidnapDVD cover

Ramana’s Garden & Kidnap

Children of Ramana’s Garden
Ramana’s Garden is a home for destitute children started by an energetic and charismatic American woman in Rishikesh, North India. Many of the children have survived horrific abuse, but it is heart warming to see the healing that happens in this loving and creative environment, especially through dance.

A 15 year old girl is kidnapped and sold to a brothel in Nepal. With huge perseverance and guts and an absolute refusal to entertain the possibility of failure, Prabhavati manages to rescue her child.

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Three Continents DVD Cover

Three Continents

Guo’s Childhood
Guo Deping and his six siblings grew up in a cave and nearly starved to death during the Cultural Revolution in China.

Ramesh and the Quality of Life Project
Ramesh, a young man from a poor family in southern India, builds eco toilets to improve life for the villagers, but many Westerners come to this famous temple town to improve the quality of their lives by meditating.

Saving the Liben Lark
Ethiopian ornithologists struggle to save the habitat of the endangered Liben Lark.

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Master Wu Nanfang

Master Wu Nanfang and Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu
Master Wu Nanfang describes the history of the Shaolin temple and explains the difference between his Wugulun style and the more acrobatic, performance oriented Shaolin wushu styles.

Master Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain
He practices some sword forms perched precariously on a mountain crag, and also does some calligraphy, an art which uses the same skill and presence as Kung Fu itself.

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