A day in the GulunChanWu Academy

2016, 11.24

A day in the GulunChanWu Kungfu Academy, a Kungfu school in Dengfeng, Henan province, China.

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Master Wu Nanfang on Song Mountain

2012, 19:57

The Master practices some amazing forms perched precariously on a mountain crag, and also does some calligraphy, an art which uses the same skill and presence as Kung Fu itself.

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Master Wu Nanfang and his Students in the Songyue Pagoda

2011/2015, 13.43

Top students show these advanced Kung fu forms in the grounds of the beautiful Songyue Pagoda in Dengfeng, China. This film was made a few years ago, and many of these students are now teaching in Master Wu Nanfang’s Wugulun Academy.

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Master Wu Nanfang & Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu

2011, 56:38

Master Wu Nanfang teaches Wugulun Kung Fu, more internal than the acrobatic Shaolin form, and talks about the relationship between Kung Fu and Zen.

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