Once I was Titania

This video is about Madhura. She is an amazing woman, who has lived as many lives as a cat!

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· Milan International Filmmaker Festival , 7-12 Nov 2017 (nominated best short documentary)
· Docs Without Borders Film Festival, Online, Oct 2017
· Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 5-15 Oct 2017
· WRPN.TV Short, Tight and Loose Global Film Festival Competition, Online, July 2017
· London International Filmmaker Festival (IFF), Feb 2017

2016, 13.58

Madhura studied philosophy at Birmingham Uni, ran a lighting company with her boyfriend, working with bands like Status Quo, was an actress in repertory theatre and in the West End and lived in an ashram in India for several years where she met Indira Gandhi.

TitaniaShe also lived on a boat off the north west coast of America, where she discovered yet another career as a designer, decorating houses and making beautiful designs for tapestries – as well as creating extraordinarily intricate and precise pieces of embroidery. As a dancer she was one of those annoying people who can do the splits with no effort…

But this beautiful and agile body slowly changed as she got older. She developed rheumatoid arthritis, which slowly, bit by painful bit, stole her capacity to walk, to stand, to use her hands. But instead of becoming bitter and complaining she remains her witty, humourous self – making wry fun of her own situation and using what movement remains in her swollen and twisted hands to paint in the manner of the old Chinese Daoist painters – who used the minimum effort to create exquisitely subtle and delicate pieces of art.