Saving the Liben Lark (Photos)

Photos taken by professional nature photographer Amano Samarpan during our visit to Ethiopia where I shot 'Saving the Liben Lark', a film which investigates how Ethiopian ornithologists struggle to save the habitat of the endangered bird.

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Photos by Amano Samarpan:

Samarpan writes:

Towards the end of 2012, I wanted to revisit Ethiopia, a country I had seen in 2009 and been impressed by. It was my first foray into the wildlife of Africa, in particular birds, and I wanted to revisit and see different areas. In communication with our former tour guide, Yilma Dellelegn Abebe of The Ethiopian Wildlife Society, he mentioned that another guide we had used for a few days, Bruktawit Abu, was working for her thesis in the south of Ethiopia on a highly endangered bird called the Liben lark. Hearing about the situation, I realised that this was the opportunity to make some kind of photo documentary about what was going on.

My co-traveller Pankaja Brooke has made a video of the situation which she has shown publicly, a reminder of how video is becoming a much more important tool in today’s media.

team in Ethiopia

The team:
from left seated, Pankaja Brooke, Bruktawit, Amano Samarpan and standing, Yilma and Sammy