Saving the Liben Lark

2013, 19:35

Ethiopian ornithologists struggle to save the habitat of the endangered Liben Lark.

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· International Film Festival (Environment - Health - Culture), Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015 - (International Award of Merit)
· Mica Film Festival, in the Amazon Rain Forest, 2014

Four years ago I went on a trip to Ethiopia with some bird watcher friends, we had an amazing time, saw some fantastic birds – as well as the endangered Ethiopian wolf and some wild dancers – and had a lovely local guide called Bruktawit.

This January we heard that she was working in the south of the country to protect the Liben lark, which is one of the most endangered species in the world, so with my friend Samarpan, a professional photographer, we went down to film Bruktawit and her colleague Samy.