Why We Love War

Global Nonviolent Film Festival Sept. 24 - Oct. 25, 2020
Film Festival International Madrid August 10 – 17 2019
Nominated for: Scientific and Educational Award, Best Cinematography in a Documentary, Best Feature Documentary

Fusion Film Festival Brussels August 17 – 24 2019
Nominated for: Best Short Documentary, Best Story

WIN: Europe Screen Awards Platinum Award 2019

Madrid film festival
Why We Love War Laurel
Laurel Madrid Festival
Europe Screen Platinum Award

My father was in the RAF, and there are ex-soldiers in my own family who gave me introductions to various military organisations – but I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to talk to me. I finally got in touch with Penny Connorton, a woman who runs a charity for ex service personnel suffering from PTSD, and was able to film a group of them as they spoke about their experiences.

Why We Love War filmManus Campbell, another of the Vietnam veterans I had interviewed, a close friend of Michael’s, who had been with him as he died, suggested that I get in touch with the British branch of Veterans for Peace. They were making their own movies, but I was able to interview a couple of their members – Ba-then Shahar, who had been an officer in the Israeli army, and is now a psychologist, and Gail Croft, who joined the British Army at 17.

It takes a special kind of courage, to speak out about the failings of a system that you joined with all the trust, Idealism and patriotism of youth – and I am honoured that they were willing to allow themselves to be filmed. Read more »