Why We Love War

Film Festival International Madrid August 10 – 17 2019
Nominated for: Scientific and Educational Award, Best Cinematography in a Documentary, Best Feature Documentary

Fusion Film Festival Brussels August 17 – 24 2019
Nominated for: Best Short Documentary, Best Story

Madrid film festival
Why We Love War Laurel
Laurel Madrid Festival

My father was in the RAF, and there are ex-soldiers in my own family who gave me introductions to various military organisations – but I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to talk to me. I finally got in touch with Penny Connorton, a woman who runs a charity for ex service personnel suffering from PTSD, and was able to film a group of them as they spoke about their experiences.

Manus Campbell, another of the Vietnam veterans I had interviewed, a close friend of Michael’s, who had been with him as he died, suggested that I get in touch with the British branch of Veterans for Peace. They were making their own movies, but I was able to interview a couple of their members – Ba-then Shahar, who had been an officer in the Israeli army, and is now a psychologist, and Gail Croft, who joined the British Army at 17.

It takes a special kind of courage, to speak out about the failings of a system that you joined with all the trust, Idealism and patriotism of youth – and I am honoured that they were willing to allow themselves to be filmed. Read more »