Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

Bodhihanna is an 86 year old German woman who is a well known teacher of the Japanese martial art of Zen Archery.

Between demonstrations she describes her childhood growing up during World War 2 in Hitler's Germany.

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· The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin, Oct 2016
· Cannes Short Film Festival, 1-4 Sept 2015

2014, 19.41

Bodhihanna was a brave, charismatic and inspiring woman. When this film was being shown at the festival in Berlin she made a special trip to join us there. At the time she was in great pain from what she thought might be sciatica, but that didn’t stop her from her whirlwind travelling. Zen Archery Teacher 86 year old Bodhi HannaThe pain apparently started when she left her home in Hawaii, on her way to her spiritual home in India via a festival in Moldova. She was briefly in Germany to visit family, get a new visa and try to find a cure – but when she came to Berlin she could hardly walk, so even to struggle down the hotel corridor to the screening room was agonising. But that didn’t stop her from treating those who came to see the movie to an enthusiastic talk about her passion – Zen Archery.

She had been teaching Zen Archery at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune for many years, and was to be seen in Buddha Grove for several mornings each week during the winter months with her students. Bodhihanna died in June 2017.