Tai Chi in the City with Barry

2017, 4.45

This video is about Tai Chi in the City with Barry McGinay.

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Another Qi Gong in the Chinese Centre

2017, 4.41

This video is about Qi Gong in the Chinese Centre.

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The Dao of Ageing

2016, 10.56

A video about my friend Madhura.

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Toothless in Lhasa

2016, 16.11

This video is about Lhasa in Tibet.

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Coconut Wallah

2014, 17.04

This is a story of modern India – the huge changes that are taking place so rapidly, and the impact they have on ordinary people’s lives.

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Eknath & Tai Chi

2014, 9.09

Eknath practising push hands in Osho Teeth Park with his teacher Raj.

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Black in Fashion

2014, 12.30

This video is about Maureen Vigille, a British couturière who was incensed when a well known Paris designer and an influential Italian fashion magazine painted white models black to represent African queens instead of using a black model.

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Saving the Liben Lark

2013, 19:35

Ethiopian ornithologists struggle to save the habitat of the endangered Liben Lark.

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Poo in Paradise

2012, 2:26

Living with no toilet is hard and unhygienic – especially for women, and during the rainy season. Ramesh uses his skill and local knowledge to build eco toilets for the villagers. This is a selection of clips from Ramesh and the Quality of Life Project.

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Children of Ramana’s Garden

2010, 29:57

Ramana’s Garden is a home for destitute children in Rishikesh, North India, many of whom have survived horrific abuse. But in this loving environment they have the chance to fulfil their potential.

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