Guo’s Childhood

2010, 18:18

Guo Deping and his six siblings grew up in a cave and nearly starved to death during the Cultural Revolution in China.

· American Online Film Awards’ 2014 Spring Showcase
· Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Film Festival, 2011
· London Independent Film Festival, April 2011
· Festival de Cine de Granada, May 2011
· New York Short Film Festival, Feb 2011 (Special Mention)

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Guo Deping was born in 1966, during the time of the Cultural Revolution in China. He and his six siblings grew up living in a cave – which was not unusual in Henan Province at that time. Cave dwellings had been popular places to live for centuries – cosy, well insulated, and sometimes even luxurious. We visit some people who still live in caves today. Guo describes his family’s struggles to survive during a period when millions were dying of starvation, and speaks very movingly about his love for his parents, and the suffering they endured.

Today Guo is happily married with two grown up children, and works as an educator and guide in the area around the famous Shaolin temple.

I was inspired to make this movie when Guo took me to visit some cave dwellers of today – and started telling me about his childhood. An amazing story, and a beautiful man.